A sales campaign can, to some people, be one of the most daunting things to start in their business. Sales and general ‘commercial conversations’ do not come naturally to many people, and that’s ok. However, it does mean that just getting started is usually one of the hardest things to do. But get started you must – as an effective sales function is one of the most important things for any agency to have in place.

Some of the common questions I’m often about sales asked are: Where do I begin and what should I focus on? What should I prioritise and how do I have the right conversations with prospective clients?

A famous film director once said “the hardest part of making a movie is getting out of the car”. E.g. what to do when his car pulls up on set and 300 people are all standing there waiting for direction! There can usually be a tendency to adopt avoidant behaviours if you don’t know where to begin. But just like the film director you cannot simply drive away. The hardest part of all is just getting started. Once you’ve ‘got out of the car’ you’re already half way there and “once begun the job’s half done”.

As I have said in other posts ‘the only 5 ways to grow your agency’ having a clear plan is critical. You have to set a strategy and plan of what you’re trying to achieve with clearly defined outcomes.

Implementing sales campaigns within your business creates a unique energy and, sooner rather than later, momentum. Momentum is defined as ‘once you push it, it keeps going under its own force’. So, once you get started it begins to take on a life of its own.

You start to create an energy to what you do which becomes somewhat infectious. People (both internal teams and external clients) start to notice and it resonates. They start to recognise and understand what you’re doing – and more importantly they get on board! Whether that’s a new prospective client, a team member that was eager for a challenge or someone you hadn’t encountered before – people start to notice and buy into what you’re doing.

This is in turn, is incredibly motivating and gives you yet more energy as it validates your efforts, therefore becoming self-fulfilling. There is no better feeling in an agency environment than winning a competitive client pitch, from a client conversation that you have engineered yourself, and driven forward to get that project over the finishing line.

Thus the whole campaign beings to take on a life of its own and usually amazing things start to happen – I call this ‘the magic of momentum.’

The other big advantage is it’s much, much easier to keep up once you’ve begun – keeping the client rhythm going and the engine ticking over is a lot easier than building a sales machine from scratch. You just need to make sure you structure your time to give this the regular energy, effort and attention it needs.

“The harder I work, the luckier I get”

I’m not saying you have to work 18 hour days to get the momentum going, although you might start to notice there is a degree of truth here. Only that the more energy and attention you give something the more surprisingly positive things seem to pop up. Try it for a few weeks and see.

The magic of momentum can have a very powerful effect on your business. Having too many client pitches and being oversubscribed is one of the best problems a small business or creative agency can have. It gives you many things but the biggest luxury above them all – it gives you choice. When was the last time you truly had that in your business?

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