The Benefits of Awards

Awards season is upon us once again. The awards industry has become big business within the creative sector. Every month it seems yet another awards brand launches focussing on ever more random and extreme niches of the market.

So, what does it actually mean for your business to win an award? Do they gain you more business or are they simply a welcome boost to the ego and validation of your project success? Rather more importantly, are they really worth the entry fees? Let’s not forget that most awards entries come with big ticket entry costs or sponsorship “invitations”.

As ever, some awards brands are better than others. Many exist purely as a money making exercise and are very aggressive in their commercial and sponsorship approach. However, more established organisations such as The New York Festivals, Evcom, The Event Awards and others are more professional in their approach. They have dedicated, independent, judging panels so each project is assessed on creative merit and therefore viewed in an objective business context.

Winning an award for a client project or campaign is a positive endorsement of the work your agency is likely to have delivered. However, at this point virtually all of the hard work will have been done. The understanding of the brief, creative delivery and so on has all been executed (hopefully) to the best of your ability. Therefore you could argue that awards are not needed to prove what should have happened already, e.g. delivery of a successful and effective client project. Therefore winning an award simply validates this and gives further ‘credibility’ (or at least perceived credibility!) for you and your clients. We’ve won awards! So we must be good, right? The key is to effectively market and communicate that validation to build your credibility and reputation with clients new and old. How do you use the award to leverage your value and impact as a creative company?

Many companies and agencies have built their brand purely on awards wins. When done in the right way it can be a very powerful and effective way to position yourself as a leader in a crowded marketplace.

We believe that awards can be great for business, great for clients and great for team morale. However, without effectively leveraging your award wins, they can also be just another drain on resources and a (very expensive) ego boost. There are far cheaper, much more fun, ways to boost morale – or your ego!

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