The Challenges of Brexit

So much has been written about Brexit that we run the risk here of adding yet another voice and viewpoint to an already over debated argument. Therefore, our aim is simply to focus on the person who can have the most impact on your business with a challenge like Brexit: you. Whatever your views and beliefs there is one constant fact: it is happening and it is a reality. For now, at least, the country has voted to exit the EU and the government is driving that agenda forward to make Brexit a certainty, all within a relatively short time frame.

What does this mean for the creative sector? Will it impact your ability to do business within the EU and will it mean the UK economy suffers as a result? There are so many ‘known unknowns’ with Brexit that it can be daunting even just contemplating the implications and changes ahead. There can be a feeling that you have little control or influence over a complex situation that directly affects your business.

However, there is one thing that can be changed and that is your own behavioural patterns and actions. As with any situation in life our behavioural patterns dictate a range of possible effects and outcomes. Do you believe that you have ‘no control’ over a complex situation like Brexit? Or, do you see it another way? That is your ability to adapt, change and react to client demands and your strategic business needs.

Big problems and challenges demand innovative thinkers – creative thinkers – who can change, influence and overcome business obstacles. The best creative minds are much in demand when a major economic challenge like Brexit comes along. How do you respond, passively, reactively or proactively? There are other opportunities (or problems, depending on your view point), such as currency fluctuation and monetary variables. The UK has potentially become an attractive (and more cost effective) place for international companies to do business with. Will you grasp these commercial opportunities or simply let them pass by?

Whatever your viewpoint, Brexit is happening and it is bringing with it seismic economic and business challenges. How you effectively sell and market to clients has never been more important. How you react to adapt your personal behaviour patterns and business strategy will dictate whether Brexit brings an abundance of opportunity or a tidal wave of problems!

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