Pitch ‘not so’ Perfect? – The 10 Client Key rules that will get you to Pitch Perfect.

Life is a pitch. Never a truer word said, particularly with creative businesses. We are constantly pitching in the creative industry and it is truly an art form in itself. I’ve attended a lot of events in the last few months and I’ve been very surprised at the varying degrees of success to social or classic ‘elevator’ pitches. “What do you do? Or… What kind of […]

International Sales

British Creativity – including Film, Art, Fashion, Music – is in great demand and successfully exported around the world. However, it is not just household names such as the likes of Adele, Burberry and 007 who are a global success story. Many small and medium size companies have succeeded by taking their services and creativity into new international markets. Architects, designers, advertising agencies, events companies, […]

The Benefits of Awards

Awards season is upon us once again. The awards industry has become big business within the creative sector. Every month it seems yet another awards brand launches focussing on ever more random and extreme niches of the market. So, what does it actually mean for your business to win an award? Do they gain you more business or are they simply a welcome boost to […]

The Challenges of Brexit

So much has been written about Brexit that we run the risk here of adding yet another voice and viewpoint to an already over debated argument. Therefore, our aim is simply to focus on the person who can have the most impact on your business with a challenge like Brexit: you. Whatever your views and beliefs there is one constant fact: it is happening and […]

Welcome to The Client Key

Welcome to our new website. We’re delighted to launch The Client Key as a dedicated resource and platform offering sales support and advice specifically for the creative industry. The Client Key is the combination of our many years experience in ‘selling creativity’. We offer expertise, knowledge and insight as to how you can sell more effectively within the creative sector. There is no shortage of […]